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Fire Demonstration Trailers

Community Fire Safety Education
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Fire Safety
A High Impact Message

Nothing can have more effect than experiencing the real thing - FIRE.
Safe, practical, live demonstrations have a far greater effect than any poster, lecture, film or video and leave a longer lasting impression.
A mobile resource that enables demonstrations of the safe way to deal with cooking related fat fires and, more importantly what can happen if handled incorrectly. Let your targeted audience see, feel, and hear live, the power of fire that they would never have believed could happen within the safety of their own homes. Utilising cost effective consumables these demonstrations have been widely used in one form or another by fire services around the country and are now available custom built by specialists.

A Unit to Suit Your Budget

Having worked on development programme for these units for over five years, ironing out the shortfalls that were presented, the design has developed from the "old cooker - gas ring - rubber tube" test bench to the sophisticated range of custom built units with built in safety features.
The one thing that you can be assured is our commitment to quality. With materials and components from British Standard approved companies, our in house, hand finished fabrication with close quality control procedures, coupled with the ability to be flexible to satisfy your requirements with customised livery and trim, enables us to give to you the professional the standard of quality you expect. Naturally a user manual is included and training sessions can be arranged if required.
All you need is available in one package, ready to go - just add a towing vehicle and gas!
All our units are designed with longevity and ease of use in mind, to withstand the hostile use environment and be easily cleaned and maintained.

Help Reduce Fatalities by Proactive Education
Cost effective
A visual experience will not be put aside like a leaflet
- it will be remembered!
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